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Sunday, November 8, 2009

SBW router

I've been experiencing a lot of slow down on my internet connection. I have SBW by the way. I have never encountered any of this slow down until this month!

My 3.5G signal went from full to 1-2 bars. What the heck? Same same... location at work and in the house. I even had to extend my usb cable to great heights just to get the full bar signal from SBW. That went well. Ok na naman siya! Then I finally realized, i needed something..


I bought the SBW 3G router just now. My wife will gonna kill me! It costs 3,500 pesoses! So I just bought her a new laptop instead. So no more killing spree now, I hope!

Set it up in the 2nd floor of the house. The modem got the full bar it used to have.

Halleluia! It brought the same speed as I used to have! Torrents, YM, games, etc...

In conclusion, the router will give you freedom from wires. As well as freedom from the unrelentless posts of disgruntled subscribers.

How the hell the 3.5 G signal to my house and office got low.. I don't know!

Well you have got to let go of 3,500 pesoses to let you off. .

...and another 30,000 for the wife!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sun Wireless Broadband

I signed up with Sun Wireless Broadband, Sun Cellular's answer to mobile 3G/hsdpa. For plan799, i get unlimited internet anywhere in the metro.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

APC External Laptop Battery

APC Universal Notebook Batteries provide your notebook computer with extra runtime from a single external battery pack. These batteries are lightweight and slim for maximum portability, perfect for situations when you won't be near power outlets for extended periods of time, like on a plane, in a meeting or on the road. These Universal Notebook Batteries have selectable output voltages and come with a variety of notebook tips, making them compatible with most notebook computers. (See Compatibility Guide.) In addition to stand-alone use, these batteries are the perfect complement to the APC family of Notebook Cases and Universal Power Adapters. Together, these products give the mobile professional maximum availability to power no matter where you go.

Sure is handy when you need additional juice for your laptop.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

ZPDee just got better!

My ISP ZPDee has just became Sky Broadband. I was automatically upgraded to 3.0mbps at the same monthly service fee of Php999. Beat that!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have been planning and researching on incorporating my own e-commerce site for almost 4 months now. I have this small notebook that I bring with me anywhere I go and just jot down anything that pops up on my mind. This venture takes majority of my waking hours that I became obsessed. I even dream about it in my sleep.

A lot of journals talk about registering your chosen domain name ASAP as domain name registration is faster than the clock ticks its seconds hand. I could lose the name I chose as soon as I blink an eye. This morning, I browsed the web for the most reliable and affordable domain name registry/webhost I could find. I took the plunge, grabbed my credit card, and signed-up at as I find their offer a rather reasonable one.

I immediately contacted my brother to make me my company logo. In as fast as less than 10 minutes, he sent me samples that I could choose from. A master's degree holder in Fine Arts, he is a genius with design, illustrations, painting, drawing... you name it! You can visit his site here.

As it is Saturday today (as of this blog writing), I am taking my day off tomorrow and begin working 16 hours a day again on Monday.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

War Driving (Stumbling)

My wife has complained to me for the nth time that she has been losing her long lustrous shiny black hair. She blames her overly long hair being so heavy that her hair strands just gives way. She is starting to get bald!!! I wanted my wife to be in her crowning glory. But she insisted that I let her cut it short. After a few arguments along the way, I gave in. We went to a local David's Salon for the job.

With us was our kid son, Louis. Restless as he was (he is 5 years old by the way), I can't seem to be restful myself.

I remember, I have my trusty old iPod Touch with me. I tried stumbling for free wi-fi internet and behold! 3 open gateways for me!

As my wife gets her haircut, I started to browse my way out of boredom again! I even signed-up to one of my suppliers on my online business. Even viewed crazy Japanese shows on

Bottomline is, the Philippines has been a wi-fi hotspot everywhere and every business in and around the corner just caters to your online needs if ever it arises.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It has been a while since I've updated my blog. Been busy lately with work...real job work. Add to that my research in an online business I've been contemplating for a couple of months now.

Tomorrow I promise I shall return...